Vol. 44 – Sonate da camera a tre, opus 1 – 2011


Vol. 44 – Sonate da camera a tre, opus 1 – 2011

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Sonate da camera a tre, due violini e violone o cembalo, opus 1

Sonata XII “Follia” in re minore RV 63
Sonata IX in la maggiore RV 75
Sonata I in sol minore RV 73
Sonata XI in si minore RV 79
Sonata VIII in re minore RV 64
Sonata IV in mi maggiore RV 66
Sonata III in do maggiore RV 61
Sonata VII in mi bemolle maggiore RV 65
Sonata X in si bemolle maggiore RV 78

Stefano MONTANARI, violin
Stefano ROSSI, violin
Francesco GALLIGIONI, violoncello
Maurizio SALERNO, clavicembalo italiano

While these pieces are not in the Foà-Giordano collection in Turin, they have been included in the Vivaldi Edition for their fine interpretation and the fact that they are the earliest works of Vivaldi to have come down to us. Published when he was twenty-seven, the pieces are both simultaneously virtuosic and affective.

DISTINCTIONS : BBC Music Magazine, Oct 2012, Chamber Choice, 4 étoiles du Monde de la Musique